Tonic at The Specials’ 2016 tour

Thank you so much from Tonic Music for Mental Health to everyone who came to visit, shared their stories, and offered their support for future events. The Southampton and Troxy crowds were amazing!

It was stunning to see so many people in the crowd and on the Fred Perry Subculture livestream wearing Tonic stickers — you looked beautiful! You also donated an incredible £717.51 — thank you all so much!

A huge thank-you to all of The Specials, including the band, the crew, Steve Blackwell, Mike Darling, Sam, Tour Bus Tim, and Stu on merch. Such an amazing, supportive, and welcoming team. A special thank-you to Terry Hall for setting this up, and to Michelle Golding for helping us spread the word.

Special thanks to all who visited the Tonic stand, including: Terry Hall, Lynval Golding, Horace Panter, Steve Cradock, Gary Powell, Jonathan and Tim on brass, beautiful Amy and Jess from Qstrings, Morgan Howell (supersize art) Matt Everitt (BBC 6 Music), General Roots, Ian Broudie (Lightning Seeds), Matt Allwright (off the telly), Shaun Welsh (who entertained us with beer mat tricks), and lovely Sam with the most amazing beard, who offered us free use of his venue for Tonic events.

The Troxy staff were the friendliest we’ve ever known — they entertained us, looked after us, fed us, and were happy to be plastered in Tonic stickers.

The tour may be over, but work to raise awareness about mental health issues and challenge stigma goes on. We’re really looking forward to working with Specialized over the coming year, who have chosen to support Tonic in 2017.

Big love to you all.