Experience the benefits of communal singing

The uplifting Tonic Ska Choir provides opportunities for people to come together and sing covers of the biggest ska tunes. The choir is an inclusive and welcoming group open to new members of all abilities, with weekly rehearsals at Tonic HQ (Tuesdays @ 19:45 - 21:15).

Communal singing can promote a positive mood and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

The Tonic Ska Choir performs at gigs, festivals, rallies and events, as well as recording covers in a professional recording studio.

To join the choir, you first need to register.


 Participant Registration 

Any questions, please email: skachoir@tonicmusic.co.uk

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Ska Choir

To book the choir, please email:


Our choir participants build their resilience, self-esteem and confidence through positive risk-taking, accomplishment and artistic expression.

Check out these videos of the Tonic Ska Choir performing...

Sweet Sensation

A Message to You Rudy

Let Your Yeah Be Yeah

The Specials

The Tonic Ska Choir was funded by The Specials through their Encore album launch at the 100 Club and the tour that followed.

100 Club
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Ska Choir
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Philippa Reece
David Wilshaw
Debby Couzens
Jo Fishwick

Philippa Reece

“It gives me a sense of belonging, a sense of community, and a safe place to go where my anxiety and mental health problems are accepted as a part of me – they are nothing to be ashamed of.”

David Wilshaw

Within the first few minutes I knew I was in the right place. The atmosphere was light and inclusive, the leaders enthusiastic and encouraging, and when the singing kicked in you couldn’t help but feel a lift both mentally and physically.

“Finding the choir when I did was so important to me. It gave me something genuinely good to hold on to during a very dark period. It bought me time to recover, whilst also boosting my self-esteem and speeding my recovery. I’m truly grateful to Tonic for that.”

Debby Couzens

“Over the coming weeks we became more than just a choir, we became a family. It was about more than just singing – we were looking after each other as well.”

Carl Paddon

“Before I was involved in Tonic I was lost in a world of drug addiction, living a life I believed I should be living rather than being true to myself. Now free from active addiction, I love nothing more than sharing my struggles with mental health and addiction, and Tonic has been there from the beginning. I’ve gone from someone who was close to passing out with nerves at the first Tonic Ska Choir rehearsals to now confidently performing in front of hundreds. I also proudly talk about Tonic at various fundraising events.“

Darren “Lofty” Churchill

“The ska choir is not only about raising my own spirits and wellbeing. I take great pride in sharing the happiness with those around me, and the audiences we have entertained.”

Jo Fishwick

“The first night there were about twelve of us, but I immediately felt a sense of belonging. As the choir grew and evolved, it gave me purpose and an environment where I could just be me.

“I’ve had the best of times over the past year, and I've made supportive friendships that have come to mean the world to me. I have discovered the joy to be found in communal singing.

“In short, I've found my tribe, and it means the absolute world.”