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If you would like to attend a workshop or choir, you will first need to register with Tonic.


Read the Participant Handbook.

Participant Handbook


Fill out and submit the Registration Form.

Registration Form

We support people both within and outside of mental healthcare services.

If you experience any problems, please contact us at:

Please note, due to social distancing we are only providing virtual workshops at the moment.

What role could Tonic play in your recovery?


We believe that participation in music and the arts can aid you on your journey of recovery.

Many of our participants have previously been admitted to hospital and use Tonic as their way of staying well.

Others use Tonic to aid their transition back into the workplace after a period of mental ill health.

Many more have made new friends and built a support network through Tonic.

We help people to build their resilience, self-worth and confidence through positive risk-taking, accomplishment and artistic expression.

If you would like to talk to a member of Team Tonic about how we could help you, please contact:

Recovery Through Music


Creative Workshops


Tonic Music for Mental Health provides free workshops to support people recovering from mental illness, including vocals, guitar, bass, art & craft, creative writing and performance anxiety. The workshops provide safe and supportive environments for people to come together, learn new skills, get creative, and make new friends.

Tonic Ska Choir


The Tonic Ska Choir is an uplifting choir that provides a safe and supportive environment for people to come together and sing covers of the biggest ska tunes.

Tonic Punk Choir


The Tonic Punk Choir is an invigorating choir providing a safe and supportive environment for people to come together and sing covers from the 70s British punk scene.

Tonic Outreach


Tonic Rider


The Tonic Rider programme supports live music venues by raising awareness of suicide and mental health issues within the music industry.

Never Mind the Stigma


The Never Mind the Stigma campaign provides pop-up Tonic stands at gigs, festivals and events. We provide information and informal mental health support, promote our cause, and raise funds to keep Tonic services free for those in need. The presence of our stands at events helps to increase awareness, encourage discussion and reduce stigma.

Recovery Through Music

Support Us

Tonic needs ongoing support to keep our services free for those in need.


Please support us in any way you can: 


  • Make a donation

  • Hold a fundraiser

  • Buy our merchandise

  • Promote our cause on social media

  • Buy a Portsmouth Lottery ticket - we receive 50p for each ticket sold when you sign up to support Tonic 

  • Give your time and get involved!

Email to find out more.

Please make a donation to Tonic or fundraise for our choirs, workshops and outreach work by following the Just Giving links above.



Tonic provides volunteering opportunities at festivals and events.

Current Opportunities:

There are not currently any opportunities to volunteer at Tonic.

This page will be updated as they become available.


Support & Sponsorship

If you would like to hold a fundraiser for Tonic, request a choir performance or Tonic stand at your event, or sponsor a programme of work, please email


You can ask Tonic to provide your staff with mental health first aid training (MHFA) through the Tonic Rider programme – transform your venue into a safe environment for people with mental health difficulties.

You could also help us to raise funds by adorning your bar with some Tonic collection boxes.


You can support Tonic by holding a fundraiser in our name and inviting us to provide a Never Mind the Stigma stand at your event.

Perhaps you would like one of our choirs to perform as a support act?

Functions & Events

If you would like the Tonic Ska Choir or Tonic Punk Choir to perform at your event, or a Never Mind the Stigma stand, please contact us.

You could also position some Tonic collection boxes at the bar or donate us a share of the ticket revenue.

Foundations & Trusts

Are we a good fit for your funding programme? Do you share our vision and values?

Join us on our mission to raise mental health awareness, challenge stigma and promote mental wellbeing through music and the arts.

Please get in touch if you would like to support us.


Would your company like to hold a fundraiser for Tonic, promote mental health awareness, and destigmatise discussions about mental health?

Would you like to sponsor a programme of our work?

Please contact us with your ideas.



We can provide our creative workshops and other services by request, including at external venues.

Tonic services complement the traditional support provided by public sector mental health services.

We already have strong relationships with local providers, and we participate in social prescribing, often providing support for service users with a creative background. We work in partnership with the NHS, CMHTs and occupational therapists.

If you are interested in commissioning any of our services, please email


Press & Media

Are you a member of the media interested in what we do, a reporter who would like to attend an event with us, or a journalist looking for something interesting to write about?


Please email to find out more and request a Press Pack.


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