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Fishing for Tonic

Over the weekend of the 1st - 3rd September 2023, a 48-hour fishing competition was held with all the proceeds going to TONIC. 52 anglers attended with 1 being crowned 'South Coast Bass Lure Open 2023 Champion'.

The aim of the competition was to bring like-minded anglers to the south's coastline, showcase some businesses that impact the sport, bring awareness to the marine life that inhabits our coastline and to highlight mental health – eradicate the sigma associated with it and hopefully some understanding that although some appear well, mental health is multifaceted and affects in many ways.

To cement this last aim, the anglers chose Tonic Music for Mental Health as a charity that we would raise money for.

The weekend was a wonderful success, plenty of hours spent wandering our local coastline in search for a specific species of fish, lots of smiles and enjoyment from everyone who attended, along with raffles along the way.

A massive thank you to Wayne and James and all the anglers to landing a whopping £2,051 donation to TONIC.


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