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Listen for Life

Team Tonic joins the The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) for the launch of the 'Listen for Life' at the House of Commons

Hearing is a vital sense that impacts everyone, and the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) have partnered with Specsavers and are working in conjunction with the World Health Organisation’s Make Listening Safe UK Campaign to create a safer auditory environment for all.

TONIC's Robbie Ashdown and patron Barry Ashworth both spoke about the issue of hearing loss and its effects on mental health at launch on Wednesday 18th October at House of Commons, alongside NTIA CEO, Michael Kill, Jeff Smith MP for Manchester Withington & Co Chairperson for the Night Time Economy APPG, Rob Shepheard - Consultant Audiologist and Sonam Kaur Sehemby - Head of Clinical Training at Specsavers.

This initiative will promote the importance of testing, developing training, and raising awareness about the impacts of hearing loss and effective methods for protecting one’s most valuable asset when enjoying music.

When I started in the industry in the early 80’s there was no mention of looking after your hearing. I can remember one crew putting cigarette filters in his ears because it was so loud at a Motorhead show he had to go to medical as one got stuck…

There was no education. The end result is pretty much everyone who worked in events back then has now got hearing problems, one friend now has only 45 % hearing.

I have had tinnitus for years, wearing ear protection has meant it’s not got worse and it’s only noticeable at times. We can’t let this continue and hopefully this campaign will make a difference.

According to the World Health Organisation, 1.1 billion young people between the ages of 12 and 35 are at risk of permanent hearing loss due to unsafe listening practices while enjoying recreational sounds, such as music. The Commission on Hearing Loss’s 2014 report estimated the cost of hearing loss to the UK economy at £24.8 billion, a figure that could potentially rise to £38.6 billion by 2031.

Hearing loss can be a predisposing risk factor for dementia, with mild hearing loss doubling the risk, moderate hearing loss tripling it, and severe hearing loss quintupling the risk. One in six people in the UK is affected by hearing loss, and our collective goal, alongside partners and key stakeholders, is to reduce this number by raising an educational awareness so that people can safely enjoy music in their workplaces, social settings, and personal environments.

The NTIA is embarking on one of the most ambitious programs in the world to engage and inform all individuals involved in the music industry we all cherish. It is their mission to prevent unnecessary harm to their health, allowing them to continue enjoying music for years to come.

Find out more about 'Listen for Life'.


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