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Massive Wagons - Wedgewood Rooms

Read all about Tonic's evening at Massive Wagon’s sold out Wedgewood Rooms show.

We provided our Never Mind the Stigma stand at a Massive Wagons show for the first time this past Thursday evening (13th April). Baz Mills (lead singer) invited Tonic to provide the stand offering informal advice and support to fans in attendance. The stand was situated in the Edge of the Wedge, with among others, zines on anxiety, depression and suicide prevention available for fans to take home.

Once again, Tonic merch was available to purchase, with all proceeds going back into Never Mind the Stigma. On offer were a range of t-shirts, beanies, badges and stickers.

The highlight of the evening for Tonic was Baz performing the encore wearing the new heavy metal inspired Tonic t-shirt. This was followed the next day by Baz sporting a Tonic beanie in a social media post to Massive Wagons fans.

Thank you to Baz and the Massive Wagons crew for inviting us to the show, Geoff Priestley and the Wedgewood Rooms team for being wonderful hosts, and all attendees for ensuring it was a great evening.



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