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Tonic HQ - The transformation starts

Our first few days of making the new headquarters and shop ready for decorating, furniture and stock in Prince Albert Road, Southsea.

Staff and volunteers started with a general clean through and checking of essential appliances - and so many keys to figure out!

Steph Langan added: “I would just like thank everyone who took part in the first clean. The feedback from Tonic supporters and local residents has been extremely positive about the move. This is just day one of the transformation into the new Tonic HQ and shop. Still a lot to do but great to be underway.”

If you think you can help transform the new Tonic HQ with Decorating, Gardening, Fencing or Removal Services (Portsmouth area).

We would love donations to use and sell in our shop, if you have any Vinyl Records, CDs, Record Cases, Decks, Record Players, Amps, Instruments, Vintage Clothing, Vintage Furniture, Wooden Boxes, Metal Boxes, Paintings, Prints or Music Related Items/Memorabilia you can donate please get in touch.

Please email:



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