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Welcoming our second Tonic Ska Choir facilitator

We are delighted to welcome our second new Tonic Ska Choir facilitator, James (aka Jazz Priest), to Tonic.

James is a professional pianist/keyboardist, music teacher and choir director originally from Bermuda, currently living in London. He is a multi-genre, international performer having shared the stage with Mary J Blige, Robin Thicke, Kindred The Family Soul, Allison Hinds, The Mighty Clouds Of Joy and many more.

James said:

“Music is truly a universal language with the power to transcend social division. The world could certainly do with a little more harmony. In particular, communal music is the ideal vehicle to promote the values of equality and inclusion. I firmly believe that formal training should never be a requirement to participate in music, it must be accessible to anyone who wants to have fun. In my opinion music is the best medicine, a Tonic for the soul.”


If you would like to join the Tonic Ska Choir, our registration form is available to complete via the button below:


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