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Jeordie Shenton visits annual careers fair for music industry students and graduates in Manchester.

On Wednesday 29th March, I visited Manchester on behalf of Tonic to provide an exhibition stand at BIMM WRKiT North. This is an annual careers fair for music industry students and graduates (from BIMM campuses) to learn more about potential opportunities for work.

Tonic attended the event to promote upcoming posts for event management graduates and the Gig & Tonic initiative, along with the Tonic Rider programme. This was my third visit to BIMM Manchester and once again I was amazed by the students and graduates.

At least four students revealed their dissertations focused on the topic. Another three students shared plans to run music events to raise awareness or in aid of mental health. Two graduates were interested in pursuing careers as therapists in the music industry. One group also wrote a coursework project on planning an event for Tonic, which they received the highest grade - a personal highlight for me.

Although for many, working in music continues to be tough, the enthusiasm of these students and graduates to promote good mental health in the music industry is an indication of a safer, fairer and kinder future.



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