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Feeling out of control?

Experiencing distressing thoughts or feelings, such as a panic attack or traumatic flashbacks, can be unpleasant and overwhelming.

Memorise the T.O.N.I.C acronym so you can use it whenever you need to.

Slow your breathing down.

Take 1 deep breath.

Count to 5 as you breathe in and then out again.

Focus on anything in your surroundings.

Notice and name any sounds, sights or smells nearby.

Start with the closest and focus on something further away.

Described these in your mind, as if you have never perceived anything like it before.

Whatever you choose, give it your full attention.

Focus on what you can hear or feel in your body.

Notice the feeling of your feet on the floor or any sensations in your muscles.

Remind yourself it will pass.

It has before and it will now.

Repeat to yourself 'it will pass' or devise your own positive statement.

Ask yourself if there's another way of looking at a problem.

Is there another way to think about it?

Are your thoughts facts or opinions?

What would someone else think?

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