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Barry’s Flying Circus is an annual Tonic Rider fundraiser founded by Tonic patron and daredevil Barry Ashworth, taking place at AeroSuperBatics in Cirencester. Tonic wingwalkers are strapped to the wing of a biplane to perform aerobatics in the skies over the Cotswolds.

Having lost fellow artists to suicide, Barry knows only too well how touring pressure, excess and exhaustion can have devastating consequences. Mental health support in the music industry is paramount.

Both Barry and Tonic are looking forward to 2022, when Barry’s Flying Circus will be hosting an event on July 5th, welcoming many new members.

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 Barry's Flying Circus 2020 

Wingwalking 2
Barry_Bez reduced.jpg
Wingwalking 3

“What a great day supporting Tonic – a mental health charity. I’m lucky coz I’m happy mental. Within my own band, we’ve had quite a few members who’ve suffered mental health issues, so it’s great to see that there’s a charity out there who recognise support is needed in the industry. So many people have such uncertain futures.

“Everyone going through life suffers highs and lows, and when you’re at one of those low points, it’s good to know that there’s a bit of support out there for you.

“I think the most important thing is not being afraid to speak out and talk, because when you share your problems it always lightens the load. Hopefully, there are better times ahead.”


Happy Mondays / Tonic fundraiser

 Rockumentary - Barry's Flying Circus 2020 

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Would you like to fundraise for Tonic by jumping out of a plane?

Tonic offers tandem skydiving opportunities, which raise vital funds and help keep our services free for those in need.

Skydiving is without doubt one of the most thrilling activities you can take part in. After climbing to great heights in a plane, you will experience the thrill of freefall, before parachuting back to down to earth with breathtaking views.

Check out this video of Tonic Ambassador Denise Black skydiving for Tonic:

Denise wrote an inspiring blog post about her experience skydiving for Tonic:

To jump out of a plane in support of Tonic, please contact:

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Skydiving 3.jpeg
Skydiving 6.jpeg

On August 22nd 2021, Tonic ambassador and Dub Pistols vocalist Seanie T hosted a charity football match in aid of Tonic Music for Mental Health, raising over £6,000 in one afternoon.

Supporters enjoyed a fun-filled family day with evening entertainment and plenty of goals. Football veterans, celebrities, musicians, actors, and artists came together to raise vital funds for Tonic, which will be used to provide free, direct and practical mental health support.

The charity match between Seanie Tonic FC and a team of ex-Tonbridge Angels FC stars is an annual event at the Longmead Stadium in Tonbridge, and will return in the summer of 2022.

To find out more, please contact:

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Seanie Tonic FC
Seanie Tonic FC
Seanie Tee

“Since the honour of being made a Tonic Music for Mental Health ambassador, I have thought of various ways to help raise awareness for such a great cause because of all the fabulous work they are doing for people. So, I have taken two things that I love the most in life outside of my family which is Music & Football, and combined them to raise awareness for mental health.

“I have been involved in football since I started playing Sunday league at the age of 6, and I am still coaching now. I am an FA-qualified coach and I have won every major honour in Sunday league football.

“My sons play football so, even when I want to take a break from it, I can’t.

“I’m also making music and touring various parts of the world, and I’m not sure if I can stop to tell the truth. Football and music are my passions, so it makes perfect sense to me to try to put on such an event, with the help of Tonbridge Angels FC, to support Tonic Music for Mental Health and the vital work they do – providing help to people with their wellbeing.”

Seanie T

Tonic Ambassador / Dub Pistols

Check out these photos from the 2021 edition:

Photo credits: David Couldridge and Paul Windsor

Tonbridge Angels.png

“We are delighted to be supporting such an important charity as Tonic Music for Mental Health. Mental health issues affect people in all walks of life and football is no exception. Whilst we hope everyone will have a lot of fun, behind all of this is the aim of raising valuable funding for a very worthwhile initiative.”

Dave Netherstreet, Tonbridge Angels FC Chairman

The Angels play in the sixth tier of English football and are wholly owned by their supporters.

Seanie Tonic FC Squad 2021