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We are Tonic

Our mission is to deliver good mental health and recovery through music



Tonic was founded in 2012 as a direct response to the lack of creative support for people experiencing mental health difficulties. It was founded upon the belief that participation in music and the arts can aid you in your recovery from mental illness.

From our early events promoting mental health awareness, we now champion mental health action. By providing opportunities for people to participate in music and the arts, we directly support them on their journeys of recovery.

Our Tonic Rider programme promotes good mental health in the music industry. Tonic Rider provides free training and support to music industry professionals, both remotely and at venues.

As the Tonic community keeps growing, we will continue providing creative mental health support to promote Recovery Through Music, while promoting good mental health in the music industry through the Tonic Rider programme.

Our Supporters

Terry Hall (Founding Patron)

The Specials

If you’re suffering, then it is incredibly important to tell people... family, friends, doctors, Tonic!

Barry Ashworth

Dub Pistols

I support Tonic because of the great work they do bringing the issue of mental health into the open.

Kevin Cummins

Music Photographer

It’s vitally important to support groups and charities like Tonic who work tirelessly on behalf of people with mental health problems.



We believe that participation in music and the arts can promote and sustain good mental health.


We champion a recovery-based approach for those experiencing poor mental health.


We believe in empowering people to create healthy environments that promote good mental health.


We advocate discussion, education and inclusion as a means to reducing stigma and breaking down barriers.​


Our Vision

We strive for an inclusive world where those experiencing poor mental health have the hope, support and respect they deserve.

Lynval Golding

The Specials

Amy Bee Sting

Oh My God! It's The Church

Gary Crowley
BBC 6 Music

Seanie T
Dub Pistols

Millie Manders

Millie Manders and The Shutup

Morgan Howell

Denise Black


Eddie Piller
Acid Jazz

Jeff Horton
100 Club

Biff Mitchell
Festival Organiser

Abbie Amey

Steve Curtis​


Vicki Barwood

Geoff Steward


Geoff Priestley


Gloria Miller


Matt Shires


Steph Langan

Founder & CEO

Jeordie Shenton
Programmes Coordinator

Jade Hughes

Training, Support and Safeguarding Lead

Billy Steere
Graphic Design

Resh Shingdia

Team Administrator

Robbie Ashdown

Head of Event Operations

Luke Fuller

Head of Fundraising Operations

Stanley Iampietro


Tonic Rider Facilitators

Adam Ficek

Tonic Rider Facilitator

Rachel Johnson

Tonic Rider Facilitator

Chris Madden

Tonic Rider Facilitator

Adam Ficek

Adviser/Tonic Rider Facilitator

Dr. John Barnes

Zarah Vernham


Adam Churchward


Your kind donations help us to keep doing the essential work we do.

Jan Langan
Tonic Volunteer

Tom Langan
Tonic Volunteer

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I can honestly say it’s been an absolute privilege working alongside Tonic this last year‭.‬

Carl Barât

The Libertines and Tonic fundraiser

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