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Our trustees explain what Tonic means to them and why they volunteer their time.

Team Tonic

Our Supporters

Meet the Trustees

Abbie Amey


Abbie is a Science Writer/Editor by trade and an aspiring but not particularly accomplished musician. She had been looking into retraining in music therapy but was put off by the formality of the courses and heard about the wonderful work that Tonic were doing. She soon became involved with helping behind the scenes and has never looked back since.

“Tonic provides a variety of inclusive, supportive and nonjudgmental communities. We have small groups and people who just pop into the shop for a mooch through some vinyl, a chat, and a cup of tea. It is a small slice of how the world should be, but too often isn't. Little by little, we are looking to change this.”

Vicki Barwood

Vicki is a registered Mental Health Nurse and has worked in the NHS for over 30 years in acute adult mental health and CAMHS services. She currently works in an urgent care setting supporting people in crisis.

Vicki is absolutely passionate about fighting to save, improve and protect the NHS so everybody can access a fully-funded health service in their time of need.

When not working, Vicki enjoys walking her golden retriever along Brighton beach, chasing sunsets and going to gigs. She loves listening to soul, funk, ska and reggae. Her favourite artists are Paul Weller and Bowie. She also has a soft spot for The Specials who have been really supportive of Tonic.

Vicki is a great believer in the power of music to improve our mental health and help us feel more connected. She can often be found on Tonic’s information stands at gigs and loves hearing people’s stories.

“I feel humbled and privileged to be part of Team Tonic. I have met so many inspirational people who share similar passions and values. We are all very down to Earth and bags of fun to work with so... get involved!

Steve Curtis

Steve works on bids and grant applications for Portsmouth City Council. He has a background in the charity sector both as a manager and a trustee.

He is a fan of live music and the power it has to bring people together.

“I am proud to be a part of Tonic as a trustee – the work it does has never been more important.”

Geoff Priestley

Gloria Miller

Gloria Miller is a creative who uses the mediums of music, words, and truth. Originally from Chicago, she moved to the UK in 2009 to marry her British husband, Neal. After establishing herself as an entertainer and performing all over the country, in 2012, Gloria started Gloria Miller Entertainment Ltd. which she ran for eight years, closing in 2020. Even though she’s not running the company any longer, Gloria is still actively performing live shows including her Tina Turner Tribute Show, her duo, Frankie & Glo and as a solo recording artist, with her next release due out in the Spring of 2023.


In 2021, Gloria was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and her experience with anxiety has led her down a different path of wanting to know everything possible about promoting good mental health, especially amongst musicians. Gloria has worked with Tonic Music over the years, but after suffering a mental break in May of 2021 and going through recovery, she wanted an outlet to be able to share her personal journey, as well as an opportunity to help others, and becoming a trustee with Tonic allows her to do just that.

Matt Shires


Matt has a background in delivering professional services such as financial and management accountancy, procurement and project management, and has strengths in business planning and strategy. He enjoys a range of music genres from indie and alternative to R&B, soul and house music and loves live music.


"Mental health touches all of us, either directly or through our friends and family and the impacts can be severe and long-lasting. There's not many who will manage to get through life without experiencing some aspect of poor mental health, so I am really pleased to be working with a charity such as Tonic and helping to support the incredible work that they do."

Geoff Steward

Geoff is a lawyer specialising in intellectual property and commercial/contractual litigation. He acts predominantly for brands in the entertainment, sports and retail sectors. Having been a partner in one of the large London firms for fifteen years, he recently moved to a specialist brands practice and now spends his time between Cambridge and London.

“I am an avid vinyl (and guitar) collector and I play rhythm guitar in a covers band. I have always had a love of music and particularly the collective emotion induced by live music, so as Tonic has grown and now requires more corporate/commercial input I was delighted to offer my services. This country’s music is some of the best in the world but there are often unseen pressures on those who contribute to it, and we need to look after their interests and mental health.”

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