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These are terribly testing times for those of us with mental health issues.

Terry Hall

The Specials and Tonic Founding Patron

Terry Hall

For people who are professionally engage in music.

People who are recreationally engage in music.

For organisations engaging with young adults in music.

Tonic Music for Mental Health is not a crisis service.
Please contact NHS 111 for urgent help.

Establishing good mental health within music communities

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Tonic Music

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Tonic On Tour

Peter Doherty

The Libertines

Tonic joined the Libertines on the Giddy Up A Ding-Ding Tour tour in 2021.

Terry Hall and Steph

The Specials

Terry Hall and The Specials are interwound into the fabric of Tonic.

Seanie T and Jan

Mucky Weekender

The Dub Pistols always invite us to join them at their Mucky Weekender.

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One very Special Night.
The Libertines rock Liverpool for Tonic

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Helpful Videos

A range of techniques and exercises.

View our range of zines with helpful techniques and exercises.



Tonic can supply a tailored programme of courses, groups or workshops to fit the requirements of any size of organisation, contact us for more information on how we can fulfil your requirements.


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