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Barry's Flying Circus

Annual Tonic Rider fundraiser founded by Tonic Patron Barry Ashworth


Having lost fellow artists to suicide, Barry knows only too well how touring pressure, excess and exhaustion can have devastating consequences. Mental health support in the music industry is paramount.


Barry’s Flying Circus is an annual Tonic Rider fundraiser founded by Tonic patron and daredevil Barry Ashworth, taking place at AeroSuperBatics in Cirencester. Tonic wingwalkers are strapped to the wing of a biplane to perform aerobatics in the skies over the Cotswolds.​ Both Barry and Tonic are looking forward to the next event, and look forward to welcoming many new members.

The next event will take place on 30th May 2024.

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You can also donate to this Tonic fundraiser via JustGiving.

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It’s great to see that there’s a charity out there who recognise support is needed in the industry.


Happy Mondays and Tonic fundraiser

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