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Our Patrons and Ambassadors explain why they support Tonic

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Tonic Patrons

Terry Hall (Founding Patron)
The Specials

These are terribly testing times for those of us with mental health issues. My mental health deteriorated towards the end of 2020. The thing that got me through was communication. If you’re suffering, then it is incredibly important to tell people... family, friends, doctors, Tonic! Tell them to check on you... always. Share your health issues… they aren’t problems. Most of all… stay safe… stay secure... We’ll get there!

Barry Ashworth
Dub Pistols

I support Tonic because of the great work they do bringing the issue of mental health into the open. They are a passionate team that understand the problems people with mental illness face. The music industry has many artists that suffer from depression and other issues. There is a stigma around mental health and Tonic help to challenge this and raise awareness - that is why I give them my full support and backing.

Kevin Cummins
Music Photographer

It’s vitally important to support groups and charities like Tonic who work tirelessly on behalf of people with mental health problems. This is why I was honoured to accept a role as a patron of Tonic and hopefully with your help we can all make a difference.

Lynval Golding
The Specials

We all have mental health issues, but they affect some people more than others. The best thing we can all do is reach out to those who are struggling in whatever way we can. I support the work that Tonic does 100%.

Gary Crowley
BBC 6 Music

Good mental health is something we’re all thankfully becoming a lot more aware of - and of its importance. And now during these challenging times it’s more vital than ever. It's good to know those cool folk at Tonic are there to provide a safe haven to talk about how we feel, and to realise that we’re not alone.

Denise Black

I hit the floor more than once in lockdown, but I got lucky. Someone picked me up. Music lights the way, I know that. It raises your spirits, it gives you strength. Fact. And music at a community level has the power to move mountains. What Tonic does is just amazing so please don’t feel alone. Come and make music, it’s never too late.

Tonic Ambassadors

Seanie T
Dub Pistols

Being part of Tonic has opened my eyes to mental health big time. I never knew how big the problem was throughout the world. I was of the impression that you must man up and get on with life, but life really ain’t that simple. We need charities like Tonic to play an active part in addressing mental health through musical workshops, counselling sessions and events, because music is a journey for all of us and a great soother of the soul. As a musician, I am fully committed to play my part.

Biff Mitchell
Festival Organiser

With nearly 40 years’ experience in the Live Music industry, I have never seen such a level of mental health issues as in 2020. Helping Barry Ashworth with his Flying Circus has really opened my eyes to this hidden Pandemic. I have always believed in looking after my friends and workmates, but I realise now it has to go much further than our immediate circle. I hope that by working with Tonic I can help enable a much further reach, and to get to more people in need of assistance.

Jeff Horton
100 Club

Tonic is dedicated to the mental wellbeing of people in my industry. It is run by lovely, caring and inspiring people who will help anyone who needs it, at any time. I’m indebted to them personally when I’ve reached a low point. And in times like these you are sometimes left alone with just your mind for a long time, which can be very difficult for a lot of people. Reach out. They will help. And that’s why I support them.

Morgan Howell

I’ve seen what can happen to ordinary young adults trying to cope with the ridiculous pressures of exams and life. And that was in more normal times. Music – listening to it, creating it and living it – helps to pull us all through to a nicer place. Keep the faith.

Eddie Piller
Acid Jazz

The sterling work that Tonic does is now more important than ever, as people have struggled under the uncertainty of a seemingly never-ending pandemic. Get up, stand up and do something to help. However small.

Amy Bee Sting

Oh My God! It's The Church

I am honoured to be an ambassador for Tonic Music for Mental Health, a superb charity that provides a strong community of support and understanding of mental health issues and how to navigate them in a tough industry. The organisation is run by the most fantastic people who are truly committed to championing mental health action. Both myself and Tonic believe that talking openly and honestly about mental health can encourage those who are suffering to seek help and find a support network.

Millie Manders

Millie Manders and The Shutup

As challenging times turn even more so, it can be so hard to see a way through your own darkness. Music has saved me many times, and it's thanks to charities like Tonic that there are more resources and outreach than ever to help us all through. I am so grateful to Tonic for being a light to many, for providing support and a caring ear or voice to those of us who need it; I'm constantly being reminded that none of us are alone, and that is such a beautiful thing.

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