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1st Wingwalker Announcement

Barry's Flying Circus is thrilled to announce the first of Tonic patron, Barry Ashworth's, daredevils wing walking for Tonic Rider.

Please welcome Anna Spanna (Just a Couple of Mums) who is returning to loop the loop, Chris Johnson and Dave Budgen (Doghouse Derelicts/Freestylers) who will be returning to perform an aerobatic formation display, and Gemma Dunford-Edwards and Gary Eliis will be joining the team for their first flight.

All will be taking to the skies to raise money for the Tonic Rider programme - promoting good mental health in the music industry.


For more details on how to join Barry's Flying Circus get in touch by emailing -

Support Barry and Tonic Rider by donating via the link below:


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