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A Spotlight on Tonic

A review of what's happened to Tonic in 2021, plus a look to the year ahead.

We thought we would give you an overview of the work that Team Tonic has been doing over the past year, it's been difficult, as all things have in the past 12 months, but we hope this newsletter shows the great amount of work that goes on even with lockdowns and all the various rules changes.

There are contributions from all the members of Team Tonic, updates on

all the workshops, courses and groups provided by Tonic, news on special events including Tonic Rider at 100 Club, the return of the Ska Choir and articles on various fundraising events including the new Seanie Tonic FC as well as the established Barry’s Flying Circus.

Depending on your browser, you might be able to view the PDF on screen, otherwise you can download and view at your leisure.

Big Love, Team Tonic X.


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