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Barry’s Flying Circus 2022

Tonic Patron Barry Ashworth and Tonic are thrilled to announce that Barry’s Flying Circus is returning for its 4th annual event on Tuesday July 5th 2022!

Barry's Flying Circus 2022


We have the date. We have 20 spaces. And registration is NOW open!

We’re looking for 20 recruits who would like to join the Barry’s Flying Circus team 2022 and wing walk to raise vital funds for the Tonic Rider programme, promoting good mental health in the music industry.

Where your fundraising goes:

Many people working in the music industry experience mental health issues. They can be brought on by the highs and the lows, the touring, the late nights, and the lifestyle. The industry can be volatile and competitive, with no financial security. This leaves people vulnerable to developing mental health issues.

Tonic Rider addresses this by providing music industry-specific mental health support with a wide range of training, courses, workshops and groups. These services support music industry professionals with their own mental health, as well as teaching the skills required to help others.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to walk on the wings of a DUB, get involved by registering your interest here:

Check out below some highlights from last year!

Barry's Flying Circus 2020 (Rockumentary TV)


For more information, or to register for the Tonic Rider programme, please visit:

Team Tonic X

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