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DJ Courses – Aviva Community Fund

Please support us in our ambition to run DJ courses for people experiencing mental health difficulties.


Tonic is seeking funding through the Aviva Community Fund with the aim of funding two DJ courses – one for turntables and one for CDJs.

Each course will contain 6 separate workshops, covering technical skills, set building, and performance. Each course will culminate with participants being given the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience, and with the potential for future performances at Tonic events.

We are a small charity who have always focused on providing instrument and singing-based tuition for adults, but have not had the opportunity to diversify our reach to a younger audience. Through our engagement with both participants and referring services, an unmet need has been identified for DJ workshops for younger people. We recognise the need to expand our provision and we hope you can help us to achieve this.

If you would like to support our ambition to run DJ courses, please support us by making a donation through the Aviva Community Fund:

To find out more about Tonic Music for Mental Health and the work we do, please visit our website:

Tonic was founded in 2012 as a direct response to the lack of creative support for people experiencing mental health difficulties. It was founded upon the belief that participation in music and the arts can aid recovery from mental illness.

Our mission is to raise mental health awareness, challenge stigma and promote mental wellbeing through music and the arts. We promote mental health awareness and we champion mental health action.

By providing opportunities for people to participate in music and the arts, we directly support them on their recovery journey. In our non-clinical community environments, people can find purpose, meaning, connection, and a sense of belonging.

Join us as we support people on their journeys of recovery.



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