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HSDC AMP Music WEX Industry Week

Jeordie Shenton writes about his visit to Havant & South Downs College where he gave a talk to the students about mental health, as part of the AMP Music WEX Industry Week.

On Thursday 30th March, I provided a talk on behalf of Tonic to students at Havant & South Downs College (South Downs Campus). This talk formed part of the AMP Music WEX Industry Week, which also included guest speakers from Victorious Festival and Casemates.

Tonic provided a talk to highlight the Tonic Rider programme and issues around mental health in the music industry, particularly those affecting music students and young aspiring professionals. When I first started researching mental health in the music industry, a lack of discussion about mental health in music schools was evident, so Tonic being invited to provide such a talk is a sign of progress.

Example slides from the presentation to students at HSDC AMP Music WEX Industry Week

'The Tonic Rider programme implicitly gave our student's direct opportunities to engage through Tonic's holistic mechanisms to support their mental health needs and challenges in positive and professional frameworks.'

Dean Clarke (HSDC AMP Music Lecturer)

Once again, I was amazed by the engagement of the students, who were open to discussing mental health and asking questions in front of their peers. Each question was insightful and the talk was just as much of a learning experience for me as I hope it was for the students. It was also great to see the lecturers joining in with the talks, participating on the same level as the students and asking questions too.

This was another example where the enthusiasm of students to promote good mental health in the music industry indicates a safer, fairer and kinder future.

Thank you to Dean Clarke and the AMP Music team for inviting Tonic to provide a talk, and also to all the students for their engagement throughout.



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