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I’ve found my tribe

Tonic Ska Choir member Jo Fishwick writes about what the ska choir means to her.

Jo Fishwick (left)


Jo’s story:

Here's a few words about what Tonic means to me.

I joined the Tonic Ska Choir when it first started. Musically, Ska was my first love, and two-tone was the soundtrack of my youth. This is why I joined the choir.

I couldn't sing a note, but thought it may be fun. I was also at my lowest ebb emotionally, following a traumatic marital breakdown.

The first night there were about twelve of us, but I immediately felt a sense of belonging. As the choir grew and evolved, it gave me purpose and an environment where I could just be me.

I've had the best of times over the past year, and I've made supportive friendships that have come to mean the world to me. I have discovered the joy to be found in communal singing.

In short, I've found my tribe, and it means the absolute world.

The key to it all has been Leonie. She has been the shining light and beating heart that draws us all in. The world needs more people like her.

So thank you Tonic, thank you Ska choir members, and thank you Leonie. You've been an absolute salvation.

Jo xx



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