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Naval Veterans & Families Programme

Tonic Music for Mental Health are inviting up to 20 Naval veterans and their families to attend FREE online programme, consisting of six peer support or counselling sessions, followed by a Suicide First Aid Lite course.

Why Naval veterans and their families?

TONIC is a Portsmouth-based charity and as a proud naval city, we wanted to provide FREE support and training to Naval veterans and their families, aged 50 or over. We recognise the navy is a community that is often affected by suicide, and in response, TONIC felt offering support, along with Suicide First Aid training would benefit this community.

Support Group

An online peer support group of six weekly sessions, for up to 14 participants to share their experiences with fellow Naval veterans and their families. It is hoped this will encourage Naval Veterans and their families to talk about mental health, including any situations in which they employ suicide intervention skills.

Counselling Sessions

Alternatively, there are six spaces available for participants to receive online or telephone counselling. Each participant can receive up to six sessions with a humanistic counsellor.

Suicide First Aid Lite

The Suicide First Aid Lite course will be facilitated online by our qualified Suicide First Aid associate tutor. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance and course materials to take home (assured by City & Guilds).


Funding for the programme has been granted by Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Foundation -  Montagu Neville Durnford & St Leo Cawthan Fund.


*Please note: If you are already receiving mental health support, such as counselling or psychotherapy (or on a waiting list), you are not eligible to attend this course or support sessions or counselling sessions. Participants (Veterans and family members) need to be 50 years old or over to be eligible for this course. Participants can only attend either the support group or receive counselling sessions, not both. Places for the Support Group and Counselling Sessions will be allocated to participants of the Suicide First Aid Lite course initially. Counselling Sessions are available on a first come, first served basis. If you book a place, but you do not attend the Suicide First Aid Lite course, you will forfeit your place for the Counselling Sessions.


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