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Peer Support Group dates for 2023

A group of weekly 90-minute sessions across six weeks supporting music industry professionals (funded by Help Musicians)

Tonic Rider courses‭, ‬groups and workshops are led by facilitators with experience in mental health and music‭, ‬each using a non-clinical‭ ‬approach to equip music industry professionals with the skills to support themselves‭, ‬their colleagues and the wider music community‭.‬

Our Peer Support Groups are provided as weekly 90-minute sessions across six weeks with the aim of supporting music industry professionals in an open space to share their experiences with others.

Peer Support Groups run on the following Mondays (12:00pm-1:30pm), each facilitated by Adam Ficek.

9th January - 13th February

27th February - 3rd April

17th April - 22nd May

5th June - 10th July

4th September - 9th October

23rd October - 27th November


Please note that to participate in the Peer Support Group, each participant will need to have register once and attend a booking appointment before your enrolment.


Already registered and want to join one of the dates shown above, email


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