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Peer Support Group for women in music

A safe space for women to share their experiences of working in the music industry.

Starting Tuesday 27th February 2024, Tonic Rider in partnership with Help Musicians / Music Minds Matter are providing a six-week online Peer Support Group exclusively for women in music. Whether you are working as an artist, backstage or manager; if you are a woman and work in music, this group is open to you. 

The group will be facilitated by Jade Hughes, who is a trainee psychotherapist with several years experience working in the music industry as a classically trained singer. Jade also co-facilitates the Tonic Rider Drop-In Group and previously facilitated Peer Support Groups on music performance anxiety and for music graduates / postgraduate students.

"It’s no secret that the music industry is still very much an environment dominated by men, with women representing less than a quarter of those currently working in the music industry. This Peer Support Group offers a safe and exclusive space for women artists, crew and managers to share their experience."

If you are interested in attending this Peer Support Group, please complete the Interest Form on the link below.


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