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Tonight Rider Film Premiere - Tonight 8pm!

Join us tonight at 8pm for the film premiere of Tonic Rider in the Green Room at The 100 Club!

Tonic Rider peer support group facilitator, Adam Ficek, on the

100 Club stage discussing mental health in the music industry.



Join us tonight at 8pm on our YouTube channel as we premiere the Tonic Rider film 'In the Green Room' at The 100 Club. Hear it like it is from the music industry and those around it.

The film showcases the Tonic Rider programme with wise words from Barry Ashworth and Seanie T (Dub Pistols). Jeff Horton speaks about the importance of having a charity that is targeted at the music industry. The talented actress Denise Black speaks out about why she loves Tonic Rider and how they support music professionals. Music journalist Ian Winwood talks about his journey, how working in the music industry provided a freedom in which to run wild and why the work of Tonic Rider is so important. Facilitator of the Tonic Rider peer support group, Adam Ficek (Babyshambles), has experienced the highs and lows as a successful artist in the media, while trying to navigate the tectonics of fame and the need for a nurturing grounding path.

Link to the premiere -

Tonic Rider promotes good mental health in the music industry via a programme of taught workshops, support groups and training courses FREE to ALL music professionals.


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