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Talented young people.

Team Tonic member Jim talks all things Tonic to Performing Art's Music Students.

Tonic were given a very warm welcome up at AMP Music/HSDC - South Downs where Jim was invited to talk to Creative Industries students, giving them an overview and history of the charity. In particular, the Tonic Rider Programme, Never Mind The Stigma Campaign and our Mental Health First Aid/Suicide First Aid training opportunities.

There were two outstanding performances by Harrison and Holly, who also played The Shepherd's Crook fundraiser, in memory of a fellow musician who had sadly taken their own life.

The process of fundraising for Tonic was explained and will be something we look forward to following up in future. The Gretsch Guitar was also on display and had many admirers willing to donate to the raffle.

Today was all about building links and rapport in further education, and specifically understanding the needs of those studying performing arts and music.

Team Tonic are genuinely grateful for being invited and to have such a warm welcome. It is encouraging to be so well received by such an engaged group of talented young people.

Thanks for having us, we will be returning to AMP Music/HSDC - South Downs very soon.

Big Love.



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