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Andy Crofts - Wasteland auction for Tonic

Andy Crofts is hosting an auction for a limited edition print of his original piece, 'Wasteland', in aid of Tonic Music for Mental Health.

Andy Crofts is an established musician notably known for his band The Moons, who have four studio albums released, and also being long term bass player/musician for UK legend Paul Weller. In 2020 Andy published his first book of photography which was an up and close glimpse of life on the road with Paul Weller. Apart from music and photography Andy has been painting and creating art his whole life, fully immersed into the abstract and pop art world.

One of Andy’s original pieces, ‘Wasteland’, has been granted residency at The Albion Rooms in Margate where, thanks to the supportive Albion Room’s team, it will be displayed for general viewing, from 7th March.

On 4th April a limited edition run of 250 prints of ‘Wasteland' will be released, each will be individually numbered, titled and signed by Andy Crofts. The limited-edition prints are 12”x12” Giclee prints on 314gsm fine art media and there is a chance to bid for number 1 of 250 whilst supporting Tonic.

Sealed bids will be accepted via Andy’s website (please find link below) and on the print release date (4th April) the highest bid will receive number 1 of 250. The winning bid amount will be donated to Tonic.

The Waste Land and Wasteland

The Albion Rooms, famously owned by the band The Libertines is a hotel, restaurant, bar, recording studio and music / arts venue. The Albion Rooms is an amazingly supportive establishment for artists, regardless of their discipline and hosts regular and varied events, it also has a great kitchen and bar.

Cary Wright, Andy’s art manager, says “The Albion Rooms is a fantastic place. The place is so welcoming and fits brilliantly with the eclectic nature of Margate. In the last 10 days I have popped in with my wife for a coffee, have attended an after-party with Andy Bell (Oasis, Ride), had a lovely breakfast meeting and have been to the comedy club. Now that’s varied! I’ve met old friends and made new friends on each visit too.”

The fully fitted bar and outdoor area is named ‘The Waste Land’ after the poem by T. S. Eliot, which is widely regarded as one of the most important poems of the 20th Century, published in 1922. Eliot worked on the poem in Margate, during a long period, whilst recuperating from the effects of mental and physical fragility.

Whilst Andy’s painting is named ‘Wasteland’ not ‘The Waste Land’ there were so many artistic ‘connections’ that the placement of ‘Wasteland’ in The Arcady Lounge at The Albion Rooms seemed that “it just had to happen”.

Andy says, “When I paint, I try to be as real as possible. I mean, I rarely plan anything ahead of a painting unless it’s a specific pop art piece. My art is all about feeling and with Wasteland and many of my works, I feel that I go into some kind of hypnotic state in which I see things and interpret my vision. By the end of Wasteland, I had visions of a large desolate area surrounded by broken fences, derelict buildings and books. The remains of many dreams.”

Sealed Bids to Support Tonic

Both Andy and The Albion Rooms are keen supporters of Tonic so, when combined with the many artistic ‘connections’ there was also a joined desire to support mental health through music and the arts.

Andy states, “Throughout most of my life, I’ve dealt with extreme ups and downs of a bi-polar nature which has and still does affect my life in destructive ways. I’ve never talked about it as I always thought it was the result of the heavy weight of music and art that I’ve always carried. It can literally swallow the mind to a dangerous place. I also know it’s much deeper than this, and many of us live with our own demons with no explanation. I’m really pleased that Wasteland will be shown at the Albion Rooms and to be able to help raise money for the fabulous Tonic charity, personally I know that music can be a huge saviour and an escape for people.”

Steph (founder and CEO of Tonic) said, "We are so incredibly thankful to Andy and the Albion Rooms for their support of Tonic Music for Mental Health. Not only is this highlighting our charity but also addressing the need to normalise conversations around mental health. The sealed bid auction is greatly appreciated by us and all proceeds will aid to help keeping all our programmes and services free.”


View ‘Wasteland’ from 7th March at The Albion Rooms and bid for the number 1 of 250 print before 4th April.

To bid on the print, please visit


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