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A collaboration for Tonic in Ellie’s memory

Alex and Howard share their thoughts on a wonderful day.

When Steph and Dawn asked us if we would like to hold an event at Tonic in Ellie’s memory, we could not have anticipated what a triumph it turned out to be.

A shout-out to the group of Ellie’s friends who planned the day with us – John, Emily, Omar, Ingrid and Megan.

On the day we both said WOW! And we repeat that now. A big thanks and a big hug to all the 'collaborators' who took part from the Front Room, Open Ya Mouth and Future Folk – in this short blog, sorry, but we can’t mention you all individually!

Seeing the illuminated art installations, curated by Tina, was magical and Ellie’s prints (also available as greeting cards) proved popular in the vinyl room where her music with Allegory was played along with a video.

Outside, there were creative workshops: Art with Tina; Natural Voice Singing with Janet; and The Drum Nation Tribe providing additional rhythm to the day. Daniel brought peace and mindfulness during an indoor talk from a Buddhist perspective.

On the stage, performers from Front Room and Open Ya Mouth gave us stories and details we were not aware of where Ellie had met and inspired them, examples being musician Desperate Beauty (B) and poet Philip. The music and poetry throughout (which also included a reading from published poet and family friend Kate) was moving and from the heart. An upbeat Future Folk presents…was uplifting towards the end and Megan joined Fat Fingers and the Pretty Boys on stage to sing 'Stand By Me' as a finale.

Bryony brought the day to an end with a beautiful closing ceremony, with Janet providing song.

The photographs on this page show some of the participants, 'standing by' Ellie on day.

As this is written circa £1,000 from the event has been raised for Tonic in Ellie’s memory.


Photos: Sam, Dawn and various grabs from social medias (hope you don’t mind).



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