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Festival Survival Guide

Announcing the launch of our Tonic Festival Survival Guide for attendees at Victorious Festival 2023.

Tonic has a rich history of working at some of the biggest music festivals providing our Never Mind the Stigma stand at Victorious Festival, among others including Boomtown Fair, Mucky Weekender and Nibley Festival. As part of this work, we have offered mental health advice and support to attendees, even to the most seasoned festival-goers.

Accessible via a QR code on the official Victorious Festival lanyard, the link opens to an exclusive web page featuring a range of mental health guides and techniques, in addition to contact information for emergency or urgent support. Victorious Festival will be the first-time the Tonic Festival Survival Guide is available, as we felt there was no better place to start than in Tonic’s hometown of Portsmouth.

If you are feeling anxious, stressed or disorientated whilst at Victorious Festival, be sure to scan the QR code to access the Tonic Festival Survival Guide. Throughout the year, we will also be adding extra guides and techniques to the Tonic Festival Survival Guide, as our Never Mind the Stigma stand is provided at more festivals - stay updated via the Tonic Newsletter to find out more!.

Scan and bookmark the Festival Survival Guide using the QR code below.


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