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Flare Care Parcel for the Isle of Wight Festival

Flare Audio have kindly added Tonic Music to their care parcels at this weekend's Isle of Wight Festival.

For this year's Isle of Wight Festival 2024, Flare are proving care parcels for the artists including, Earshade ear protectors, Calmer in-ear resonance reducer, Flare aluminium capsule, VocalZone Tea and also a Tonic Music zine with our Tonic Grounding Technique and access to our online resources. They will also have a stand in the artist village which will house a Tonic Music display unit with further zines that will be available to all artists and crew.

Flare Audio spent their early years as a pro audio manufacturer and hire company. In 2015 they launched their first consumer earphone via a crowdfunding campaign.

Since then Flare Zero have gone from strength to strength, creating a groundbreaking range of earphones, ear protectors and in-ear calming devices. They continue to develop new and exciting sound technologies to improve, protect and enhance the sonic experience. They now ship to over 186 countries.

Thanks to the Flare Audio team for including us in the care package and housing our display unit.


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