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March of the Mods – Stoke-on-Trent 2022

Mods of Your Generation are hosting March of the Mods – Stoke-on-Trent to raise vital funds for Tonic.


Musicians suffer more mental ill health than the general population, yet their lifestyles make them harder to support. Tonic take action to combat mental illness in the music industry by providing various services to help those who need support the most. During the height of the pandemic, many music venues across the UK were forced to close. I heard first-hand the difficulties and uncertainty many musicians faced because of this. The industry is highly competitive and often there is no financial security, with many bands and artists relying on gigging to support themselves. The impact the pandemic had on musicians left many vulnerable to developing mental health issues.

Tonic’s mission is to counter that by raising awareness, challenging stigma and promoting good mental health and wellbeing through music and arts. We hope to do the same by hosting this event. Everyone involved has given their time to support the event and the charities. We hope we can raise as much as possible so Tonic can continue the lifesaving work they do at a grassroots level.

Johnny Bradley



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