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Help to deal with Anxiety

This year Mental Health Awareness Week is focusing on anxiety.

There are many triggers for anxiety, both internal and external. These triggers may be unique to all of us but will still bring on common signs and symptoms of anxiety e.g feelings of dread, shortness of breath etc.

We can become so consumed by our anxiety that we can lose perspective on situations which can cause us to catastrophes and spiral further into an anxious state.

Below we have split our 'Dealing with Anxiety' zine into screens for more information on anxiety and techniques that can help you to deal with it. A full PDF version of the zine is available for download at the end of this blog.

It is vital to keep speaking and be aware of anxiety disorders, such as generalised anxiety, social anxiety and panic disorder, as common issues within the music industry in order to remove the stigma around the topic and find solutions to assist music professionals such as artists managers or sound engineers, that are struggling with such conditions, as not only artists can suffer from it.

Download the full zine below (PDF format).

You can also find lots of helpful videos on our YouTube channel dealing with anxiety.

If you are experiencing anxiety and work in the music industry, you may like to attend one of our FREE online Peer Support Groups. Anxiety is often discussed within these groups, which are facilitated by psychotherapists/counsellors with a background working in the music industry. Alongside this, if you would like to learn new skills to support a colleague who is experiencing anxiety, you may like to attend some of our training courses: Mental Health First Aid / Suicide First Aid Lite / Mental Health Awareness in the Music Industry. All of which, address the topic of anxiety.

For more information, please visit our Tonic Rider webpage.



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