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Mayfield Records takes over Tonic HQ.

The Mayfield Family join forces to raise funds for Levi Collins wing-walking as part of the Tonic Rider event - Barry’s Flying Circus.

Mayfield Records represents a creative hub on the South Coast, UK. Part of this includes a label ‘family’ of talented singers, songwriters, bands and rappers. As such, it felt completely natural to bring together ten label artists in support of one of our artists, Levi Collins.

On Saturday 25th June 2022, we all amassed at TonicHQ for a takeover, to raise funds for Levi’s wing-walk with Barry’s Flying Circus for Tonic Music for Mental Health and Tonic Rider.

Each artist performed a 20 minute set of their original music, across a whole range of musical genres, hosted by Gloria Miller. The result was a wonderful afternoon of great live music, togetherness and fund-raising.

Tonic - Thank you for the opportunity.

The ten Mayfield Artists that performed where.



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