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Peer Support Group for music performance anxiety

A safe space where musicians can discuss their experiences of music performance anxiety (MPA)

Starting Tuesday 23rd July 2024, Tonic Rider in partnership with Music Minds Matter, are once again providing a six-week online Peer Support Group exclusively for working musicians who experience performance anxiety.

The group will be facilitated by Jade Hughes and provides a safe space for participants to share their experiences with fellow musicians. Whether you experience performance anxiety at a live show, rehearsal or audition; this group is open to you. 

Group Details

Day/Time: Tuesday's 1.00 - 2.30pm

Dates: 23 July / 30 July / 6 August / 13 August / 20 August / 27 August

Please Note: Places are very limited, so we strongly advise that you make sure you are able to attend this six week group in full when booking your place.


Music performance anxiety can pose emotional, psychological, and physical challenges, which can negatively impact one’s career. Despite music performance anxiety being a common experience amongst musicians, many of us will still suffer in silence. This Peer Support Group offers an opportunity to connect with fellow musicians and hear how they navigate their personal journey with music performance anxiety.

Jade Hughes

MPA Peer Support Group facilitator


If you are interested in attending this Peer Support Group, please complete the Interest Form on the link below.


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