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Thank you Libertines

Team Tonic have just returned from the second leg of the The Libertines Giddy Up A Ding-Dong Tour.

We cannot thank The Libertines and crew enough for their hospitality and allowing us to join them in all aspects of tour life. This is vital research and information for the Tonic Rider as we continue to grow and tailor our programme & training to support the music industry with good mental health.

To experience this first hand has given us much insight into how much work goes into a tour, the preparation, loading in, setting up, soundchecks, production, catering to sleeping on the tour bus or in hotels. The days are long and the rewards of seeing it all come together for the gigs are high. Watching the excitement of the gig goers entering and the crowds singing every word as the band perform is just amazing.

Team Tonic took the ‘Never Mind the Stigma’ info stand to all dates, not only did this give us an opportunity for fundraise and raise awareness, this also gave people an opportunity to share their story or of someone they know with us,

For Tonic to be present at gigs and events encourages and normalises conversation around mental health and we would like to thank everyone that spoke to us and to everyone that donated or bought merchandise, all funds raised will enable Tonic to continue to provide our programmes and services for free.

Big love & thanks to everyone involved.

Picture Credit:@Sal_GigJunkie



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