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Tonic Rider facilitates exclusive group

New Peer Support Group for MU members who teach

Tuesday 20th September saw the first session of the Peer Support Group exclusively for MU members who teach (funded by Help Musicians).

The group aims to support music teachers by providing an open space for them to share their experiences of working in teaching and music.

Adam Ficek is facilitating the group, who himself is a music teacher.

Chris Walters from MU commented 'Since the pandemic‭, ‬requests for mental health support have risen significantly among musicians‭, ‬and teachers can be particularly affected‭. ‬Teaching can be isolating and tiring‭; ‬pay and conditions are often not what they should be‭; ‬and long periods of teaching online can be debilitating‭. ‬We hope that this new initiative will help teachers navigate some of these challenges and their‭ ‬consequences‭.‬'



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