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Lee Casey

Lee Casey, designer of the original Tonic logo, goes under the spotlight.


Lee is a Graphic Designer from Portsmouth who manages an in-house Digital Design Team, and spends his free time as a freelance illustrator and designer for hire.

Lee designed the original Tonic logo and marketing material when the organisation was founded in 2012. Since designing our logo, he has continued to lend his skills to various promotional posters, T-shirts and print materials.

The importance of our logo cannot be underestimated. Since its creation it has become recognisable throughout Portsmouth and for miles around.

Wherever we go and whatever we do, the Tonic logo is there – representing our brand and all that we stand for.


Lee on designing the original Tonic logo:

When I was asked by Steph all those years ago to help set up a visual identity for Tonic, I didn't really grasp the scale of the task at hand, and the overall impact this little logo would have for the (at the time) start-up, not-for-profit organisation.

In the years since its inception, I've seen it on posters for the 100 Club, in the news, on tour with The Specials, at festivals, on T-shirts worn by the Tonic Ska Choir, on members of Liam Gallagher’s band, worn by the Dub Pistols and The Rifles, and in all its glory on the Tonic HQ sign in Southsea.

I absolutely love the Tonic team and the honourable work that they all do. I will forever be proud to have helped out.


Lee Casey



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