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Young Classical Artists Peer Support Group

Tonic Rider are providing a new online Peer Support Group for postgraduate music students and graduates.

Starting Thursday 7th September, Tonic Rider in partnership with the Young Classical Artists Trust (YCAT) and Help Musicians, will be delivering a new online six-week Peer Support Group exclusively for postgraduate music students and recent graduates (between 2021 and 2023).

The Peer Support Group aims to support young classical artists by providing an open space for them to share their experiences of being an early career musician within the classical industry. Jade Hughes will be facilitating the group, who herself is a classically trained singer.

The first few years after graduation from college can be an exciting time for musicians, but it can also be challenging.

It’s normal to have feelings of uncertainty about the future after graduating, especially after the intense experience of completing a music degree.

If you are looking for an online support network with other early career musicians. I really recommend joining this six week Peer Support Group.

Start date: Thursday 7th September (Six-week course) Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm (Online)

To register your interest for this YCAT Peer Support Group, please click below.


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