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Tonic to pioneer Morris Yodelling

Tonic is set to launch a new free-to-attend workshop – the Tonic Morris Yodelling Society.

Coming soon to public spaces near you.


But what is Morris Yodelling?

Simply put, it is Morris dancing and Yodelling – AT THE SAME TIME.

Bells will ring and dancers will sing!

Our Tonic minstrels will yodel as they twirl their handkerchiefs, with never-before-seen choreography.

Workshop facilitator Jason said, “To maintain social distancing, we will be using really long sticks for the bit where sticks get knocked together.”

The Tonic Morris Yodelling Society will be performing timeless classics, including Who left the barn door open? and These eggs they are a hatchin’.

Reveller Jade remarked, “Frankly, it’s a disgrace this wasn’t thought of years ago. Yodel-At-Ee-Oooo!”


This article was published on April 1st 2021 – April Fools’ Day. It is a hoax. Please refrain from enquiring about the Tonic Morris Yodelling Society, although do feel free to enquire about anything else.



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