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ACM Webinar

Tonic Rider are providing a ‘Mental Health in the Music Industry’ webinar for students at the Academy of Contemporary Music.

As part of the University Mental Health Day’, Tonic Rider are hosting a webinar for Academy of Contemporary Music students across all three campuses of Birmingham, Guildford and London.

The webinar will explore some of the stressors that are unique to the occupations and industries within music, how these interact with student stressors and affect mental health. There will also be opportunities to ask questions at the end of the webinar, either as part of a discussion or anonymously.

The webinar will be live on Tuesday 12th March (3:00-4:00pm), free and exclusively for ACM students - facilitated by Jeordie Shenton (Tonic Rider Coordinator).


Join the webinar

If you are a ACM students wish to join the webinar you should email the ACM Wellbeing Team at for instructions.


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