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Leeds Peer Support Group

A Peer Support Group for music industry professionals based in Leeds‭.‬

Are you a musician or music based professional based in Leeds?

If you are we invite you to join an exclusive Leeds based Peer Support Group‭.‬ This six week‭, ‬in person‭, ‬90-minute group‭, ‬aims to supports participants to share their experiences in the music industry‭.‬

This group will run on Tuesdays (1:00-2:30pm), starting 24th January and will take place at Oporto‭, ‬33‭ ‬Call Lane‭, ‬Leeds‭ ‬LS1‭ ‬7BT‭, each group will be facilitated by Chris Madden.


" We’re absolutely delighted to be partnering with Tonic Rider and Help Musicians to offer some specialist mental health sessions for‭ ‬people working in the music industry‭. ‬As the live industry returns‭, ‬artist‭, ‬crew and others involved in delivering shows and tours are facing a range of personal and professional challenges‭. ‬As part of our new Independent Venue Community programme‭, ‬our goal is to offer the right kind of support for those who need it most‭, ‬when it’s most needed‭. ‬We’re grateful to Help Musicians and Tonic Rider for their support in making this happen‭.‬"

Sybil Bell Founder of Independent Venue Community and Independent Venue Week


Please note that to participate in the Peer Support Group, each participant will need to have register once and attend a booking appointment before your enrolment.


Already registered and want to join this group, email


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