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Record Store Day 2024

Tonic Music joined the hundreds at Southsea's Pie & Vinyl for this year's Record Store Day.

In the midst of the vibrant hum of music enthusiasts, the scent of vinyl, and the palpable excitement in the air, Record Store Day stands as a celebration like no other.

It's a day that transcends mere commerce, connecting people through a shared love for music and the tangible beauty of physical records. 

We at Tonic Music extend our sincerest thanks to Steve and the team at Pie & Vinyl for inviting Tonic along for the day. Each year they pour their passion and dedication into making Record Store Day a reality each year.

To the hundreds of people who queued for many hours (one person was in line for over 27 hours), we admire your dedication and commitment to your passion. Thank you for standing by your local record stores, for flipping through stacks of vinyl with a sense of wonder, and for sharing your love of music with the world.


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