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Terry Hall - 1959-2022

Thank you for your support and belief from the beginning and throughout, you’ve helped more than you’ll ever know.

RIP to our wonderful patron, Terry. Terry did so much to give Tonic a platform to not only raise awareness of mental health but raising funds for us to support people experiencing mental health problems.

He performed at our first music event, invited us on tours across the UK with The Specials over the years, donated ticket sales, guest list sales and invited us as his chosen charity last year at his Home Sessions at Coventry City of Culture. Through his association and openness to talk about his own mental health, he made it okay for others too. Terry advocated communicating pain and distress through words, though music - anything that gives you a voice: "Anything that gives you a voice can be really good. Music is such a basic thing. You don't really have to be able to play anything. A tambourine can sometimes help".

Terry also advocated seeking help for people experiencing distress: "These are terribly testing times for those of us with mental health issues. If you're suffering, then it's incredibly important to tell people... family, friends, doctors, Tonic! Tell them to check on you... always. Share your health issues, they aren't problems". Sending love and strength to your family, band and crew family, friends and fans.

We’ll miss you.

Rest easy.

Love, Love, Love



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