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Happy 3rd Birthday Tonic Rider!

Today marks three years since the launch of the Tonic Rider programme.

Over the past three years, Tonic Rider has been promoting good mental health in the music industry via a programme of training courses, support groups, taught workshops and 1-to-1 sessions - exclusively for musicians, crew and personnel working throughout the music industry.


“Demand for our support is growing since the Tonic Rider programme was launched 3 years ago.

We have progressively scaled up our Tonic Rider programme to provide essential support and training to musicians and people working within the music industry and are excited to expand our programme into new areas where we can reach more people on a wider scale.

Thank you to everyone who supports us.”

Steph Langan, Founder & CEO


“I joined the Tonic Rider team upon the launch of the programme, and over the past three years it has been a great honour to be part of an amazing team providing bespoke mental health support, training and resources for the music industry. Every year Tonic Rider has grown considerably and I am immensely proud of everything we have achieved in such a short amount of time.

A massive thank you goes to all our partners, who work alongside us with the aim of promoting good mental health in the music industry. 2024 is going to be another important year for Tonic Rider and I look forward to us equipping more artists, crew and industry personnel with vital skills for the benefit of themselves, their colleagues and the wider music community.”

Jeordie Shenton, Tonic Rider Programme Coordinator


“Since joining Tonic Rider in 2023 - every day has been rewarding.

In the short time i have been with Tonic, together with the Tonic Rider team we have expanded our event portfolio, extended our reach within the music industry and collaborated with a wide array of the industry's leading organisations.

Looking ahead in 2024, we are excited to roll out our latest festival programme which provides a whole host of Mental Health and Welfare support for artists, crew and festival workers backstage. Notably launching our Backstage Welfare Liaison role to integrate with the Artist Liaison team at festivals to prioritise good mental health and support for all of the artists and the amazing teams behind the scenes.”

Robbie Ashdown, Head of Tonic Rider Event Operations


Over the past three years we have provided:

270 hours of training courses

  • 128 hours of Mental Health First Aid (8 courses, 128 spaces) - MHFA England accredited

  • 28 hours of Suicide First Aid Lite (7 courses, 140 spaces) - City & Guilds assured

  • 90 hours of Mental Health Awareness in the Music Industry (15 courses, 180 spaces) - CPD accredited

  • 16 hours of Mental Health Champion (2 courses, 32 spaces)

  • 8 hours of Suicide Intervention (2 courses, 24 spaces)

312 hours of support groups

  • 243 hours of Peer Support Groups (27 groups, 162 sessions, 324 spaces) - funded by Help Musicians including for Independent Venue Community, Mayfield Records, Musicians’ Union, PRS Members’ Fund and Young Classical Artists Trust.

  • 33 hours of Drop-In Group (33 sessions) - with Help Musicians

  • 36 hours of Wellbeing Group (4 groups, 24 sessions, 48 spaces)

65 hours of taught workshops

  • 36 hours of Intro to Mental Health (9 workshops, 270 spaces) including for Albion Rooms, Association For Electronic Music, Back Lounge, BIMM Manchester, Havant & South Downs College, LIVE, Sound City Launch Training and Tune Up Project.

  • 15 hours of Music Performance Anxiety (5 workshops, 50 spaces)

  • 9 hours of Emotional Resilience (3 workshops, 30 spaces)

  • 9 hours of ACT Skills (3 workshops, 30 spaces)

320 hours of 1-to-1 sessions

  • 57 hours of Psychotherapy (67 sessions, 3 spaces) - New for 2023

  • 210 hours of Counselling (122 sessions, 3 spaces)

  • 49 hours of Mentoring (49 sessions, 22 spaces) - New for 2023

Alongside this, we have produced bespoke mental health resources for the music industry, provided backstage mental health support at festivals and gigs, and participated on mental health panels at conferences across the UK.


More resources in 2024:

Stay tuned for announcements on our website and social media pages about Tonic Rider - including new additions to the programme and resources.


If you would like to attend any of the courses, groups or workshops, please complete our registration form via the button below:

Alternatively, if you are already registered, please email


Finally, we would like to thank everyone who has been involved with the Tonic Rider programme over the past three years - including all our participants, facilitators, volunteers, patrons and ambassadors.

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