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Wellbeing Days

Music-themed Wellbeing Days for men in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.

Session Outline

Set out below is the breakdown for the activities for each session/day. As part of each day, there will also be a one-hour walk around Foxes Forest between the morning and afternoon sessions. This will provide opportunities to reflect and talk with fellow participants, whilst enjoying the great outdoors.

 Applications are now closed for these sessions.


Week 1

Morning Session

Let The Music Play

Open discussion about music and its impact on our lives. Sharing experiences and getting to know each other's favourite styles, genres, artists, skills and talents. Choosing songs and introducing techniques, which we will be working on.

Afternoon Session

Favourite Piece

Sharing, playing and singing our favourite songs as a group.


Week 2

Morning Session

Breathe, Feel, Talk, Sing

Getting more understanding of what is the most important thing to connect with your instrument, including your own voice and how to use it correctly. This will be a mix of exercises helping with breathing and vocal control, discovering vocal strength and focusing on its timbre, including work on microphone.

Afternoon Session

Gathering Ideas For A Song

Going through different topics for songs, thinking about and finding inspiration, using notebooks and phone voice recorders.


Week 3

Morning Session

Free Your Voice

Singing favourite songs in a karaoke style. No judgement, just fun! Working on overcoming fear and building confidence while singing in front of people. Switching off the ‘overthinking button’, using mindfulness activities, interpretation and connection.

Afternoon Session

Tell Me Your Story

Connecting with true emotions as a writer. Learning to add melody to lyrics.


Week 4

Morning Session

We Are Harmony

Learning how to harmonise through singing in a group and with an accompaniment of instrument / backing track. Opening mind to different sounds we can create with our voices through imitation working on: tuning, sound awareness, listening to each other and musical communication.

Afternoon Session

Minor Or Major

What is the best structure, key and theme for a number 1 song? Exploring this question and creating first drafts of songs.


Week 5

Morning Session

It’s Your Song

Expressing yourself through writing lyrics and creating melodies, using your voice or an instrument. Working on: recognising, connecting and expressing emotions. Playing with words and melodies (this session might be recorded).

Afternoon Session

Sing It Loud

Singing up-tempo songs using body expression and practising harmonies.


Week 6

Morning Session

You’ve got this!

Rehearsal for performing your favourite songs in front of the audience.

Afternoon Session


Time to shine - everyone will be given the opportunity to sing / perform in front of an invited audience.


Date: 26th February - 1st April

Time: Every Monday (10:00am-4:00pm)

Facilitator: Emz

Location: Casemates Studios,

Scott Rd, Hilsea, Portsmouth PO3 5JH

Spaces are on a first come, first served basis.


To join, please complete the short form via the button below. Places are limited, so please complete as soon as you can to secure your place.

Sessions start at 10.00am, please arrive half an hour before so sessions can start promptly. You will receive a reminder the day before each session date. Please do you best to make all the sessions on the programme as places are limited and we will be unable to fill any places left absent on the day.



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