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Dub Pistols @ Epic Studios (Norwich)

Tonic Music are on tour with the Dub Pistols! Read the reflections from our programmes coordinator, Jeordie Shenton, about us attending their recent show in Norwich.

My home region of the East of England has some amazing cities (and towns) for live music, featuring several of the best venues. I may be biased, but it is important to highlight, as the region is frequently overlooked. Not by the Dub Pistols, however, as they returned once again to the mighty Epic Studios in Norwich.

For those who are unfamiliar with Epic Studios, it was once home to Anglia Television, where the shows 'Sale of the Century' and 'Trisha' were filmed. The production value of shows is truly fitting of the word 'Epic' - in fact, one of the greatest nights of my life was seeing Jamie Webster in the same room.

Barry, Seanie and the Dub Pistols crew gave the hundreds of 'Pistoleros' in attendance a night to remember. No one was still, not even the Tonic Music team. Their set included tributes to our founding patron, Terry Hall, along with Joe Strummer, plus a rallying shout out to Tonic Music:

As a Tonic patron, Barry encouraged more 'Pistoleros' to join Barry's Flying Circus:

"What I do is strap myself to an aeroplane and I have a thing called Barry's Flying Circus, which you are all invited to join and trust me, they'll be no better thrill in your life, than strapping yourself to an aeroplane."

He followed this, by highlighting the importance of the 'Blue Monday' 7" single:

"The reason I recorded this song was because during lockdown seven of my friends died by by suicide and I knew we needed to open up, talk about it and raise awareness; and that is what this single is about and what the money is raised for."

As a Tonic ambassador, Seanie finished by saying:

"So with your help, there shall be more help, because help breeds help."

All the Norwich 'Pistoleros' we met were so generous with their time, granting Luisa (Tonic volunteer) and I many heart-warming conversations. There was interest in participating on the programmes, volunteering with the team over festival season, and wing-walking for Barry's Flying Circus. It was also great to catch-up with the Maui Waui Events team and meet Funke and the Two Tone Baby, who played a fantastic support set.

Thank you to everyone who gave donations, we were delighted to see so many Norwich 'Pistoleros' leaving with Tonic Rider and Never Mind the Stigma pin badges on their jackets. The Epic Studios team were absolutely wonderful hosts, thank you for all the support. Of course, a big thank you goes to Barry, Seanie and the Dub Pistols crew not just for inviting us on tour, but for everything they do for Tonic Music. Without their help, we would not be able to help people within music communities - because help breeds help.

For more information about Barry's Flying Circus, please click here

To purchase the 'Blue Monday' 7" single, please click here



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