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Everyone has mental health, just like everyone has physical health.

Many music industry professionals experience poor mental health, which can be brought on by the highs and lows of touring, late nights, lack of financial security, alongside the volatile and competitive nature of the industry.

This six-hour online course provides bespoke mental health training and support to music industry professionals based in the UK. 

Course Contents

We offer a CPD-accredited Mental Health Awareness in the Music Industry course. Delivered as an exclusive six-hour online course and trains participants to gain an awareness of the major issues unique to the industry and how they affect mental health.


The course is delivered within a confidential, non-judgemental and supportive space for participants to learn about the unique issues associated with mental health in the music industry and share their own experiences.

Your first time on the Tonic Rider programme?

Initial registration and an online consultation appointment is required before you can participate on any of our courses, groups or workshops. If you require support to complete this form, please email


Coming Soon.


Tonic Rider's aim is to keep this course FREE for all musicians, crew and everyone involved in the music industry. This is only made possible by our wonderful fundrasiers, alongside grants applications.

If you are a musician or work in the music industry you are eligible to attend this support course for FREE. You must have already registered once for the Tonic Rider programme before applying to attend.

This SUPPORT COURSE is FREE to attend


Tonic can supply an online programme combining aspects of any of our courses, groups and workshops for up to 20 participants at any one time. These can tailored to fit the requirements of your organisation, please contact us for more information, prices and availability.

Tonic Rider lets us know that we all struggle at some point however robust we may feel.

Adam Ficek

Musician / Psychotherapist / Babyshambles

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