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Workshop Content

The workshop will include:

  • Exploring the symptoms of music performance anxiety and the affect these have on performing.

  • Identifying some of the common causes of music performance anxiety. Participants will also be encouraged to self-reflect on how their own experiences may have contributed to their performance anxiety.

  • Looking at the habits, behaviours and unhelpful coping strategies that can make music performance anxiety worse.

  • Learning pre- performance and mid- performance techniques that can help manage performance anxiety, as well as some longer term actions to take.


This workshop is facilitator lead, with group discussion and an opportunity to discuss your own experiences with performance anxiety.

Part 1

  • Introductions

  • Group discussion

  • Defining MPA

  • Prevalence of MPA in musicians

  • Triggers

  • Symptoms

  • Panic attacks and Fight, Flight, Freeze responses

Part 2

  • MPA Cycle

  • Group Discussion

  • Unhelpful coping mechanisms

  • Pre-performance techniques

  • Mid- performance techniques

  • Longer term actions


All participants will receive a PDF workbook to fill in, a downloadable pre-gig check in and a certificate of completion from the workshop facilitator.



Our Supporters

Help identify and manage the effects of anxieties related to performing.

This is a two and a half hour workshop teaching music industry professionals to identify and manage the effects of anxieties related to performing within themselves and others‭.‬

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I thoroughly enjoyed attending the MPA workshop. You need to check out the programme.

Deano Craggs


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