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Workshop Content

The live sessions will consist of instructor led training, group discussion and activities.

Part 1

  • Introductions

  • Categories of substances

  • Routes of administration

  • Patterns of use

  • The risks - physical, psychological and social Break


Part 2

  • Prevalence of substance use in the music industry

  • Susceptibility and substance use

  • Music industry pressures and substance use

  • Strategies for managing substance use problems - individual and organisational

All participants will receive PDF worksheets and a certificate of completion from the workshop facilitator.



Our Supporters

Substance use can be anyone's problem, this workshop aims to dispel myths and teach new skills, in a non-judgemental approach to an important topic.

This 3-hour workshop teaches working musicians and music industry professionals a basic understanding of substance use within the music industry.

The workshop is informed by academic research and harm reduction principles to equip participants with knowledge and skills for the benefit of themselves, their colleagues and the wider music community. This is a facilitator lead course with group participation encouraged.

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Tonic Rider's aim is to keep our workshops FREE for all musicians, crew and everyone involved in the music industry. This is only made possible by our wonderful fundrasiers, alongside grants applications.

If you are a musician or work in the music industry you are eligible to attend this workshop for FREE. You must have already registered once for the Tonic Rider programme before applying to attend.

This WORKSHOP is FREE to attend


Learning new skills around mental health is vital, not just to support yourself, but also colleagues and the wider music industry.

Jeordie Shenton

Tonic Rider Coordinator


Tonic can provide aspects of any of our workshops in a single workshop or in multiple workshops across a period of time, these can be tailored to fit the requirements of your organisation‭. 

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